The idea that I have come to for my montage image is based on the article listed below, it is about second hand smoke and how it can actually kill. Second hand smoke is caused by someone else smoking a cigarette and the people around that person inhale their second hand smoke accidentally or not purposefully. The article states that 1 in 4 nonsmokers are exposed to second hand smoke. This is a serious issue because smoking is not only harmful to a smoker’s health, it is just as deadly for people exposed to second hand smoke. People who smoke are aware of the danger and harm they are putting themselves through when they smoke because of the numerous advertisements and campaigns against smoking they are exposed to daily including on the actual packaging of cigarettes. This is why this a very serious issue because smokers are aware of the dangers but it is their choice to put their health at risk whereas people who are exposed to second hand smoke are not willingly putting themselves at risk but it may be that someone in their family or close to them is a smoker and therefor they are exposed to second hand smoke and are at a higher risk of harming their health. For my montage image I was thinking of having a picture of an innocent looking young girl or boy and then having an image of smoke layered over the top to show how people exposed to second hand smoke are both unaware of how they are at risk and how they are unwillingly putting their health at risk. I am going to have a photo of a child because it shows the idea of innocence and there is also a high number of children who are killed from second hand smoke.


One thought on “Article

  1. This is a very thought provoking idea. It makes you question why people smoke at all, if they are slowly killing themselves and also others around them.By incorporating a young child being victimised, I feel as-though that will grab a viewers attention. Playing around with smoke effects could be an interesting tool for you too look into photoshop, as it will make the image look realistic. I’m looking forward to seeing where this idea takes you.


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