Communication Objectives

The main themes and messages I want to portray through the montage image I create are innocence, danger, risk, and the idea that people, especially children, are unwillingly exposed to second hand smoke. I will portray these themes and ideas through the use of contrast/juxtaposition of the innocent looking child and the heavy smoke around them and in front of them in the image. This juxtaposition will convey the idea of innocence and unwillingness because the viewers associate smoke and smoking with adults and not children, seeing the smoke around the child against the child’s innocent expression the viewer will get the idea that the child is being exposed to the smoke unwillingly. Another idea I have is having the child in the foreground with the smoke around them and an adult’s hand holding a cigarette on the right of the child. At first the viewer will think that the hand is the child’s and then see that it is an adult hand and grasp the idea that the child is being exposed to second hand smoke due to a parent or adult around them smoking. My communication objectives are to get the message that second hand smoke is lethal and to bring awareness to the fact that if you are a smoker, not only are you harming your own health but other people around you too. This message is an important one because there are so many people that die due to being exposed to second hand smoke when they are nonsmokers.


5 thoughts on “Communication Objectives

  1. I think your idea is awesome Tori! Communicating the issues surrounding children being exposed to second hand smoke can be hard but it sounds like your image is going to be really effective.


  2. I like that you decided to focus on second hand smoke affecting children, I think it’s a good angle to take because you can appeal to people’s sensitive sides and tug on their heart strings. I also think that it also gives you quite a few options for how you visually communicate this idea. Maybe go into a bit more detail about why the message you want to communicate is important.


  3. I like how you’ve done research into who smoking and consequently, second hand smoking really effects. The visual communication ideas you have come up with will have a lot of impact and leavings room for practical creativity. Juxtaposition will be an interesting and effective way of composing the image. If you were to focus on not so much the smoking part, because as you say theres is already so much advertising, and instead focus on how children have no control over what they are inhaling and how naive they are. By capturing innocence, I feel it would resonate with the audience in a more impacting way.Your concept ideas are very good and I can’t wait too see your progress!


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