Concept Thumbnails

These are 5 of my ideas that i have drawn up (excuse my bad drawing). Image one shows a mid close up shot of a young girl with an innocent/sad expression on her face with smoke around her and in front of her. There is a contrast between the smoke and the girl as smoke is associated with cigarettes which is associated with adults. There is also a contrast with the idea that the smoke is all around the young girl but her facial expression is sad which gives the idea she isn’t happy about it. This idea is simple but the message can get across to the viewer fast and strongly. In image two, there is a young girl to the left side (mid shot) and on the right there is an adult’s hand with a cigarette in it and smoke going everywhere. This image shows that the cigarette and smoke is not coming from the young girl because of the shots used and positioning. The image creates the idea that someone else is smoking a cigarette near the young girl and she is exposed to the second hand smoke which she is not happy about. This image also has a strong message but makes the viewer have to think and view for longer than image one. Image three shows a young girl close up on the left side and a close up of a hand holding a cigarette to the right with smoke. The close up shots convey the idea that the hand could belong to the girl but also show how the hand doesn’t as more detail is shown and as a viewer we can see the hand clearly belongs to an adult. The close up shots make the viewer think more and view more as they have to look twice to see that the hand actually belongs to an adult which makes the message stronger. Image four is a close up of a young girl with an image overlayed of an adult (looks like her mother) holding a cigarette and smoking. Although the image of the adult is overlayed and a little transparent, the smoke from the cigarette is both slightly transparent and non-transparent which gives the idea that the adult is smoking the cigarette close to the young girl and she is exposed to second hand smoke. Image five is an extreme close up of a young girl and her eyes are the centre of attention. In her eyes there is an image overlayed of a hand holding a cigarette and lots of smoke. This idea gives the idea that we are seeing what the young girl sees and what she is exposed to.



One thought on “Concept Thumbnails

  1. You have a clear idea of what you want to communicate to the audience, which is good. I think your fifth concept may be your best in terms of showcasing your photoshop skills, it also has slightly more depth to it than the others. One thing I would suggest is perhaps to include more variety, as most of the concepts have very similar elements (the girl and the smoke from the adult). Although I understand that it is because that’s the basis of idea you want to convey, it would have been interesting to see what other different ways you could visually communicate your idea.


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