Source Photos

IMG_0293IMG_0294IMG_0244 IMG_0248 IMG_0249 IMG_0270 IMG_0284 IMG_0292


3 thoughts on “Source Photos

  1. Tori, hey. Your source photos are such good quality which will be beneficial for you final product. Because the skin tones are different between the cute kid and smoker you will have to be careful that it all blends. Good luck 🙂


  2. Tori, I love your photos – great quality and the little girl is gorgeous! The depth of field you used in the photos create a great effect! She looks so innocent and almost scared. Without even reading your article I had already created a theme in my head of what it was about – second hand smoke is a serious issue and I cant wait to see how your final image turns out! Im sure it will be amazing.


  3. I absolutely love the pictures of the little girl! Her eyes are so big an innocent, which I suppose is perfect for your manipulation! Already I can see thumbnail concept 2 and 3 being able to be used. The smoking hand may need to be adjusted or corrected in photoshop to make it the same colour/saturation/brightness, as the young girl. Other than that the images are perfect to portray your idea. After following your blog and seeing your progress, I can see how it will all come together, and I’m excited for your end result!


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