this is stunning Amy, very creative. I can see the complex thoughts surrounding this idea of animal cruelty which is intriguing


These are very good images Amy. I can already see how the contrast between the chickens and the raw meat is going to communicate the message effectively. The idea of having hand signals/symbols we be effective also as people will automatically understand the message being portrayed by these as they are semiotics.


I love your image, the space is used effectively and the colours are well-balanced. The message behind it comes through strongly as the objects and facial expression of the girl connect. The repetition of the colour red is powerful as it is feminine and represents love, romance, and roses etc. which are all associated with what woman want.


Sounds like a cool idea, it could be difficult to portray the idea but will look really effective. I think the topic is really good because it will make people think when looking at your image, there’s so much questioning as to whether ghosts or real or not so this will be an overall amazing image.


Looking good! The colour is balanced well and the message that the girl is ghost comes across strongly. I like that the door is open and so it looks like the girl/ghost is going inside. The tree on the left could maybe be a little bit darker but overall the image is very effective.


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