Research Post 1 – Composition

I found this article about composition which is really helpful for my final image.

The article talks about rule of thirds, balancing elements, leading lines, symmetry and patterns, viewpoint, background, depth, framing, cropping, and experimentation as the top 10 composition rules for photography.

The rule of thirds I found very useful for my final image as it says in order for an image to look balanced and interesting, rule of thirds must be used. If you imagine the image broken up into 9 segments by lines, the main parts of your image should be positioned where the lines intersect or along them.

The article also discusses balancing elements. This idea is about how placing your subject off-centre can make the image look more interesting but can also leave an awkward space. Images must be balanced and have something on the other side of the image if the main subject is off centre in order to make the image look balanced.

The article is important for my image as it needs to look balanced and use the rule of thirds to look effective. Using the composition rules will also help the image have more impact on the viewer as it will bring out the significance of the little girl’s innocence and the message of  how second hand smoking effects children.


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