Research Post 2 – Juxtaposition

I found an article online about juxtaposition which is very relevant to my image and the message i’m trying to get across

The article looks at how juxtaposition makes an image more effective in the way that it makes the viewer think. Juxtaposition is putting to objects or subjects in the same image that contrast with each other or when one element leads on to another to give an overall message. In order for juxtaposition to be effective, the two elements have to contain relatively the same amount of visual weight as each other. This is so the viewer will look at the two elements or objects at the same time and think of what the purpose for the juxtaposition is. If they do not have the same amount of visual weight, one element can easily go unnoticed and the juxtaposition will have failed.

Juxtaposition is important for my image as in order for the image to be effective, the cigarette and the little girl need to be juxtaposed. By having the little girl on the left side of the image and the hand with the cigarette on the right with equal visual weight, the juxtaposition will be effective and the idea that second hand smoke effects children will come across strong.


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