Research Post 3 – Semiotics

Here is an article I found useful which explains the idea of semiotics. It’s relevant to my image because the idea of semiotics is shown in my work.

The article explains semiotics as an investigation of how meaning is created and communicated. Everything we do and how we react and think is influenced by cultural conventions. Everyone is a semiotician because everyone unconsciously makes meaning of symbols, colours, and designs etc. Semiotics is effective in that the intended meaning will be understood by the viewer unconsciously.

Semiotics is relevant to my image as it is shown in the image. The little girl’s facial expression shows semiotics because as a viewer we can immediately recognise that facial expression as innocent/scared/vulnerable and so the message of second hand smoking effecting children comes across stronger. The hand holding the cigarette also shows semiotics. As a viewer we automatically associate smoking with diseases and death because of the society we are in constantly showing us how harmful smoking is. Because we automatically think this of the cigarette and the little girl, by seeing them both together the message of second hand smoke harming children comes across strong.


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