Research Post 5 – Contrast

An article I have found which relates to my image is this one:

The article talks about the importance about brightness, contrast, background, saturation, and sharpness. They are all related, changing one of them could end up changing the other three. When increasing or decreasing contrast it ch]an change the mood, theme, or message shown in an image which is why it is important. Increasing the contrast of an image makes the shadows darker and the highlights brighter. When the contrast is decreased the image loses both its shadows and its highlights. Although by increasing contrast to my image will make the highlights lighter it will also make the shadows darker which is what I want to portray the message and signify the issue of second hand smoking. By increasing saturation it increases the amount of colour in the image and by decreasing saturation it decreases the amount of colour. If I were to increase the saturation the image would seem more bright and happy whereas if I decrease the saturation the theme of death and darkness will come across stronger.


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