The image I have created is of a little girl slightly to the left who as a viewer we see as looking innocent, vulnerable and almost a little scared. There is a hand on the right side of the image holding a cigarette, the hand appears to be an adult’s who we as a viewer categorize as being a parent or caregiver of the child. There is smoke coming off the cigarette and this smoke is around the child’s neck as though it is choking her. The smoke is also slightly transparent. There is a dark vignette around the image and it is dark.

The intended communication objective is that second hand smoking kills, and effects children mostly. The message is shown through the smoke around the girl’s neck that looks as though it’s choking her which we associate as viewers with the ideas of harm and death. This shows the message because in reality children are being choked by second hand smoking, not literally but being exposed to second hand smoke causes them to have lung and breathing problems. The hand holding the cigarette looks like it is a parent or adult near the child showing the significance of the girl’s vulnerability and how exposed she is to second hand smoke. The juxtaposition of the hand holding the cigarette which belongs to an adult and the little girl makes the viewer think as to what the purpose of it is. Because the image makes the viewer think, the message has more impact as it isn’t a simple message that van be received straight away, it forces the viewer to look at it longer. The darkness around the image and the image itself have connotations of bad, harm, death, and scary situations which also portray the message that second hand smoke is harmful.  It’s an important issue that needs to be addressed especially because children are so innocent and have no choice as to whether their parents or adults around them smoke and so are exposed involuntarily to second hand smoke.

I used the techniques learnt in class about colour to create my image. I changed the hue, saturation, contrast, and brightness in my image to further portray my communication objectives. I used size to make the objects in my image in proportion to each other. I used semiotics with the little girl’s facial expression and the cigarette in my image. The girl’s facial expression gives the idea of innocence and vulnerability to the viewer straight away as it is a semiotic. The cigarette gives the idea of death to the viewer unconsciously because of the negative connotations it has and all of the advertisements and campaigns society is shown. I used juxtaposition with equal visual weight between the girl and hand with cigarette to make the viewer think more about the underlying message. I used balance in my image as the girl and the hand are spaced on either side of the image evenly. I used the rule of thirds in my image as the girls aligns with the first line and the hand aligns with the second. This is important to my message as because the way they are spaced the viewer looks at the girl first and then sees the smoke and hand which gives a strong message.


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