Research Post 1

When researching about my idea I found this article which explains the importance of colour and how to use colour to communicate different messages.

The article states that there are 7 main ways colour can be used to communicate messages or what colour means. The first is that colour can affect your mood. The colour blue for example is assosiated with relaxation and is proven to bring down blood pressure and slow your heart rate. The colour yellow is associated with and brings happiness and the colour red gives energy. The second main way colour communicates is through its invisibility. Wassily Kandinsky who was a renowned Russian painter and art theorist believed colours communicated meaning. He believed yellow communicated warmth, happiness and excitement. The third way colour communicates is through the idea that colour has cultural significance. Every colour has a different meaning in different cultures, they are symbols of significance. An example is that in western cultures black is a colour of mourning whereas in Thailand purple is a colour of mourning.

This is important for my final image as I need to make sure the colours I use communicate the moods and ideas effectively. Because I was thinking of making a diagram on how to make a certain drink and I want moods of happiness and energy to come across, I will look into using bright colours such as red and yellow.


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