Research Post 3 Semiotics

An article I found useful for semiotics and the use of them in my assignment is this one:

The article states, “Semiotics is the science of signs and semiotic analysis is used in studies of sign processes in such fields as communication, cognition, linguistics, anthropology, marketing, medicine and cellular biology. The contemporary focus that most concerns us at this conference is on the communication aspects of semiotics, particularly the elements relevant to visual communication.” Semiotics in visual communication are known symbols that give meaning and messages to the viewer. The symbols must be well known or familiar for the viewer to understand the messages being given by them. The article also states, “A symbol such as a leaf on a flag is arbitrarily linked with its object–something that has acquired meaning through convention.” This is important for my image as I am going to have outlined cups and plates and because having these outlined are symbols of consumption, the messages I am trying to communicate will come across stronger.


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