Research Post 4 – Typography

Typography is one of the most important things for infographics. Because text is used quite a bit in infographics that text needs to be a certain style, size and font in order to communicate the intended messages visually. An article I found that helped me better understand the importance of typography and how it can be used to communicate different messages is this one:

The article discusses how typography conveys feeling and this can be shown by typing the same text with different fonts, the style can impact how we feel about the text. Typography can also effect whether we as viewers want to read the text or not, if the text is too close together, busy, or too informal we tend to not continue reading. Consistency and alignment are two elements which are also important with typography, text must be consistent in order for it to look balanced and make sense and it must align for these reasons too. Typography is important for my infographic image as there is a lot of information and messages that are being communicated and so it is important to get the viewers attention and keep them interested.


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