Research Post 5 – Layout

In infographic images an important element that needs to be used well to communicate messages effectively is layout. An article I found that helped explain, analyse and show the importance of layout it his one:

The article talks about whitespace and by this it means the space where there is not detail or just the background of the inforgraphic image. There needs to be a balance of whitespace for the image to look effective and the messages in it to be communicated effectively. The article also has an inforgraphic layout “cheat sheet” which shows different ways to layout inforgraphic images so they make sense visually. The two layouts that would be good as guides for my inforgraphic image are the “road map” and “timeline” layouts. The “road map” layout is good for story lines and my idea is a story line in a way as it a step by step process. The “timeline” layout is similar to this in that it shows the journey which would be effective for my infographic image as the making of the drink is a journey.


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