WIP two


This is a really rough draft of how I want my infographic image to look like but I still need to add text for each step and try and make the process look more basic but still visually effective. I also might need to add more steps into it so that it makes more sense to the viewer and I’m not sure about the arrow under the word “back” but I like how it relates to the word back while also drawing the viewers attention to the first step of the process.


4 thoughts on “WIP two

  1. The draft that you have done is looking so good. I like the layout that you are going with and know that with the right colour compositions it will flow really nicely. When you come to actually putting together your infographic just be careful about the colours you do use as they can make or break your piece. I know that you will nail it, can’t wait to see the final outcome.


  2. This is a really cool idea! I think it has lots of potential to look really impressive, especially with the fire and the ice, it will look amazing if you put enough detail into it. Make sure when you add the text that you position it well and use the right amount of it so that doesn’t take over the imagery and make it look too busy.


  3. I really like how sequence you have used in your development. Your ideas are clear and concise and will be easily understood. When adding colour be careful that they aren’t too overwhelming, as your text might get lost. I’m looking forward to seeing your further development on Illustrator!


  4. The use of semiotic functions in this image makes it really easy to understand. One thing I will mention is that you should carefully consider where you put the text as there are already quite a few pictures. Looking really good so far! Can’t wait to see how you develop the ice-cubes and fire!


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