Your final image looks awesome! I love how you’ve used humour in it and used language that relates to the target audience. The colours also go well together and the idea of having different floors in the house makes it easy to follow .


Your final images look so good! The background colour literally looks like pink lemonade and the font style fits perfectly with the style of the images and the overall theme. The layout is really effective and I like the way the buzzy bee trail creates a frame.


You’ve got some very good ideas that will definitely be effective visually. It’s good that you’re looking at several different ways of layout I definitely think that making it look like a classic recipe will be very effective in communicating your idea.


Such a cool image! I love the colour themes used in you image, the red symbolises heat and the brown symbolises chocolate which communicates you idea effectively. The black background gives the idea of winter and makes the other colours stand out which draws attention to the hot chocolate.


The colour theme is really effective visually, it represents New Zealand well but also communicates ideas of freedom escape and travel. The road trip essential list is a really good idea as it gives the image more of a fun feel, overall looking really good!


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