The intended communication objective of my image is how to make a back-draft drink and to show how it is fun and is simple to do but looks really amazing. I’ve used colours of orange/yellow to represent the fire involved and also the excitement and happiness of the activity as these colours are known to bring those feelings. I’ve used a “road map” style of layout because it is easy to follow and doesn’t complicate the process.  I have used typography, semiotics, colours, layout, and rule of thirds in my image which I have learnt in class. The symbols of each image have their own meaning which with text help to create the intended message. I’ve used rule thirds because the image is split into 3 sections, I’ve used typography in that the text style fits with the images and the overall style and theme of the image. I haven’t used many colours in the actual item images or in the background because my infographic image is very detailed and so with having more colours it would distract the viewer from paying attention and reading through the image. All of the image outline and shapes created in my image show what I have learnt in class as I am new to the program Adobe Ilustrator. The cartoon feel to my image shows that the drink is fun to make and consume and when made it looks spectacular and my title gives this idea. The block arrows help the viewer to easily follow the steps of the process. If I were to change anything it would be the quality of the image because somehow the quality changed when I saved it as a JPEG and I’m unsure why, I would also change the colour of the lighter because although it is grey, it is dark enough to be mistaken for an arrow. I also forgot to mention shaking the cups when put together but the lines around them show the idea of shaking. I also don’t like the amount of text on my image but this was hard to cut down as the process is quite a detailed one. The image shows what I have learnt in class because although it is a detailed process, I have made it as basic as possible to that the viewer can easily read and understand the process. Overall the image communicates the objective I have for it which is that making a back-draft isn’t as hard as it looks and is a fun and exciting activity. 


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